Our team

A team at your service

Jonni, Head Chef

Born in Pietrasanta, Jonni started working in local restaurants, and this is where his passion for Versilia cuisine and products was born, “between the sea and the mountains”.
As a self-taught chef, he deepened his experience by revisiting old recipes and flavors to update them with new presentations. Together with Alain Cirelli, they created their own concept – a gastronomic journey that starts at an altitude of 1850 meters and ends at sea level.

Eleonora, Chef Reception

Another child of the region, with a wide and generous smile, Eleonora will organize your stay at the hotel. The region has no secrets for her. Eleonora speaks perfect English and has a very good knowledge of French and German.

Asmae, Room Director

Asmae reigns over the restaurant with gentleness and professionalism. Originally from Morocco, she settled in Versilia some 20 years ago and is well known by our customers who appreciate her sense of hospitality, nourished by the various cultures present in Morocco.

Andrea, Bar Manager

Born in 1993, Andrea is a Versilia child. Fond of mixology, always looking for innovation, entrust him with your cocktail ideas and in two shaker strokes, he will take you to unexplored lands.

Filippo, our Farmer

Filippo is our head farmer, he manages our 8 hectares of land and our olive groves with his team of 7 people. Together they provide our cooks with 80% of the fruits and vegetables they use through organic farming. Filippo is a force of nature and an excellent sportsman – he is the coach of the Camaiore tug-of-war team. He has a sharp palate and is always looking for the best.

Iacopo Pasquini, sports coach

Always passionate about all sports, Iacopo brings his experience on the field at the service of the user, but in an innovative way: the workouts are developed in terms of athletic performance and mental efficiency.

For Iacopo the most important thing is psycho-physical well-being: the continuous search for this condition is based on functional training aimed at improving coordination skills by completing them with playful motor exercises to improve the memory and reactivity of the subject.

Degree in Sports Sciences (Pisa)
Graduate student in Science and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities (Pisa)
Master Functional Recovery Elav
Degree in sports science (Pisa)
Personal Trainer 1st level FIPE (Rome)

Functional Strength Specialist FIPE (Rome)

> Athletic trainer
> Formula Medicine collaborator
> Founder iP training